About Me


Hello, I’m Ryan. I run Nuxery, and several other pages on Instagram. I am from Vancouver, Canada. I’m currently a University student in Medical School, in New York. I started this page near the end of 2015 as a hobby to repost luxurious photos that I found interesting. After being unsuccessful with building my page, I realized what I was doing wrong. I saw other luxury pages who were getting insane engagement on their posts while advertising for hundreds of companies. This fired up my determination to be one of the top luxury pages on Instagram.

How I started

Starting off was hard. I had no idea how those big pages started off. There weren’t mentors around to teach me and guide me through everything. It was even harder because I had school in the way. I took my time to examine the patterns and observe what the large pages did. I learned everything they did. After that, it was a clear path to skyrocketing my growth, making every single step easy and definitely achievable. 

I have earned well over the 7-figure mark per month, and it’s only been a few months since I’ve came back from being inactive for almost a year. Recently, I've been earning an average of $50,000 USD every single day. Feel free to check out my Instagram or Snapchat stories for updates on the day's earnings. I have no intentions to brag about my accomplishments; I’m simply implying that I am just an ordinary student, like most of you, who set a goal, planned it out, and crushed the goal. There are so many opportunities out there that a lot of people are missing out on.

Why invest in me?

Many pages claim to be experts on Instagram, yet they only manage to monetize 5-figures at most per month. Some people may know how to go viral, may know how to grow thousands of followers daily, like myself, but I guarantee NO ONE has managed to monetize every inch of their page like I have. I highly recommend watching my daily Instagram Stories where I show my income, which averages over $50,000 USD per day. Aside from showing my income everyday, I dedicate several hours every single day mentoring my students. I literally map out step-by-step on how to get exactly where I am.

What I offer

On my home page, you may scroll all the way down, or click on the "Invest Now" tab to have an overview of all my mentorship programs. You may click into any of the program profiles to have an in-depth description including specific details on what you'll be learning, receiving, and investing in. I guarantee I have the cheapest prices, and yet most beneficial programs out there. I have over 3000 students now - 99% of them are having insane growth while skyrocketing their income, and I could gladly provide testimonials upon request. I describe in detail ALL my streams of income and growth strategies to reach over One-Million Followers within 3 months, while making 7-figures/month. Make sure to keep up with my exclusive offers under the "Exclusive" section. I post my giveaways, testimonials, and exclusive offers on there.