Nuxery Affiliate Program - Earn $10,000/Day 

If you’re having troubles growing your Instagram page or monetizing from it, here’s a FREE way to earn money from me! I have created an affiliation system that generates a personalized discount code for each specific members that partake in this program. Members will receive their personalized discount code and a package of promotional content via email.

I am currently paying almost $10,000 USD per day to individuals who have been reselling my services and products! All you have to do is talk to potential clients and let them know about the services I offer. Once the client successfully makes a purchase with your personalized discount code, you’ll receive the commission.

Once a purchase is made under your code, I’ll be notified, and up to 75% commission will be sent directly to your PayPal, which you will provide upon registering to become an affiliate. Students who have previously purchased any of the guides (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond) will receive up to 75% of every sale made with their code. 'Non-students' will receive 10% of every sale made with their code. You can see how fast the money can stack up for you. If you help drive $200,000 in sales to me, up to $150,000 will be sent directly, and instantly to you. 

Getting started

Email me with your full name, PayPal email address, an alternative contact line (if applicable), and your Instagram page (if applicable). Title the subject ‘Affiliation’ and you’ll have a response within a few hours! If you need more details on registering, clarification, or any questions you may have, feel free to contact me at or simply direct message me on Instagram.


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