Gold Package

Expert Level Includes:

  • 80+ Paragraph Customized Guide on Growth / Monetization
  • 5 Shoutouts on Nuxery
  • Exclusive, direct line of contact for 1 on 1 consulting
  • Access to my network and contacts of up to 150,000,000 followers
  • 1 year mentorship
  • Access to a stable Advertisement Platform

(Read below for in-depth details of everything included)

  • Expert Level Guide - This the most popular package. Thousands of students have invested into this unique, customized guide and have successfully started monetizing from their page(s). This Expert Level package includes even more benefits than the Beginner and Advanced Level package. This guide will be customized to specifically your page, and ONLY your page. No two students will ever have the same Customized Guide, as everyone has different pages. With the knowledge from this guide, you'll be able to grow ANY Instagram pages you may have, or wish to start. This guide details ALL my strategies on how I grew to 1 Million real followers within 3 months. This is the ONLY investment you'll ever need to make on Instagram, and you'll be placed directly on the track to success. Stop wasting your time spending thousands of dollars on mentors who only grow a few hundred followers a day; join the club of entrepreneurs who grow thousands of followers per day. ($299 Value)
  • Five Shoutouts - To kickstart your growth, I've offered FIVE, permanent shoutouts on my page, Nuxery. You will be exposed to my followers, along with all my contacts inside my engagement groups. ($495 Value)
  • Exposure/Networking Along side with this guide, you'll gain exposure and be introduced to my networks and contacts that reach up to 150,000,000 Instagram users. This will significantly impact your business and page, as your growth and success can skyrocket at any moment. ($399 Value)
  • Advertising Opportunities Furthermore, you'll be given access to a pre-set, stable and popular advertising platform to sell your shoutouts on. This will save you the hassle of emailing thousands of companies, as you'll be able to list your prices, niche, followers, and etc. all on one platform, for FREE. ($99 Value)
  • Official Nuxery Affiliate Program - On top of all that, you'll be granted a Personalized Affiliation Code to earn up to 75% of all purchases made by anyone using your code. I offer a wide variety of discount codes and commission rates for you to choose from - contact me for more details regarding this. (Free)
  • 1 on 1  Mentorship - Take advantage of the 1 year mentorship that I offer with the package, where you can flood me with questions, and you'll be prioritized to receive a response first. I'll be available almost 24/7 to provide in-depth responses to guide you through any concerns you may have. ($299 Value)
  • Professional Designer Agency - You'll have access to my contacts who will create FREE logos, videos, and etc. for your page. You may request to use this service at anytime if and when you need a new design made. Save hundreds of dollars paying for logos and designs elsewhere - I'll have everything done for you, for free. ($199 Value)
  • Pre-designed Promotional Content - You'll be given a set of photos and videos to promote your specialized discount code, and my programs to further assist you in earning commission from me. There is additional cost you have to pay to access this, everything has been paid for. ($199 Value)
  • Additional Guidance/Extra Information - On top of the mentorship that comes with this package, you'll be receiving several additional customized documents mapping out each and every step I took to get to where I am today. It'll be designed to suit your understanding, which will make it significantly easier to follow the steps. You'll also receive a whole document recapping ALL my streams of income. All the possible income opportunities you can take will be listed and informatively described down to every detail for you to follow. ($299 Value)
  • Prioritized Student - You will be prioritized above the Beginner and Advanced package students. This includes giveaways, mentorship, response times, extra guidance, job applications, exclusive offers, and etc.. (Free)


This is a one time payment only, and no additional investments are required. Feel free to contact me for more details and/or information. Guaranteed replies within 12-hours, and I will answer every inquiry you may have. It's time to start outgrowing and out-earning your competition.