Student Package

Beginner Level Includes:

  •  20+ Paragraph General Guide on Growth / Monetization

    (Read below for in-depth details of everything included)

    • Beginner Level Guide - This is a cheap, yet extremely effective guide on growth and monetization. This guide will show you step by step on how to generally grow any Instagram page you may have, or wish to start, while maximizing your monetization from it. It details my strategies on how I grew to 1 Million real followers within 3 months. If you're on a low budget but still in need of skyrocketing your Instagram, this is the package you NEED. ($99 Value)
    • Official Nuxery Affiliate Program - On top of all that, you'll be granted a Personalized Affiliation Code to earn up to 75% of all purchases made by anyone using your code. I offer a wide variety of discount codes and commission rates for you to choose from - contact me for more details regarding this. (Free)
    • Pre-designed Promotional Content - You'll be given a set of photos and videos to promote your specialized discount code, and my programs to further assist you in earning commission from me. There is additional cost you have to pay to access this, everything has been paid for. ($199 Value)


    This is a one time payment only, and no additional investments are required. Feel free to contact me for more details and/or information. Guaranteed replies within 12-hours, and I will answer every inquiry you may have. It's time to start outgrowing and out-earning your competition.