Exclusive Offer - Invite Only

I recently hosted an exclusive offer for 100 clients only, where they only needed to pay 50% of the original price of ANY mentorship programs, and they wouldn't have to pay the rest until after I've helped them gain an additional 100k followers within a month, along with a stable, 5-figure income per month (at least $10,000/month). If they have not gained an additional 100k followers or succeeded in earning 5-figures all within a month, they are NOT required to pay the rest of the payment. 

In less than 24-hours all 100 offers were used up, so I increased the limit to 500 clients only! Within 48-hours of the announcement, all the offers were used up again. Now I've set it to an Invite Only offer, by either me, or any of my 'exclusive offer' students. If you would like to partake in this offer, contact me via email or direct message me on Instagram to see if you're eligible.